Uggla Booking is the perfect choice for online booking. It suits any one who needs to book treatments at work, but is also optimal for booking training sessions, rental cars, holiday cottages, bikes, conference rooms and many more.

Uggla Booking has today 16,000 registered users, and is used for 8,000 online bookings per month. Many of the most reknowned companies of Sweden are our customers.

Uggla Booking is developed in Sweden and was launched in 2007. Upgrades have been made since, and the latest version will be released shortly, with many new features for simple, professional and flexible online booking.

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New Customer

Uggla Booking is the easy and flexible online booking system for treatments at work.

Modern solutions, such as Bank ID inlog and Swish payments, signify this system and makes it easy to feel at home in the booking environment. The system is naturally compatible with mobile units.

Queuing system makes it easier to find a suitable time and preliminar cancellation makes it possible for late cancellation. The session becomes available for booking and if someone else books, the cancellation gets valid.

Flexible payments makes it possible to send the invoice to the company. You can also choose if the employee should pay parts or the total sum online, and how many treatments should be subsidised. Choose if you wish to subsidise a number of treatments per month or per year. Payments are available by card, Swish or by invoice. The total sum is referred automatically at a cancellation.

Uggla Booking has integrated payment solutions for Benify, Wellnet, Söderberg&Partner and Actiway.

To minimise the risk of forgetting a session, the system reminds you a day in advance. You can also choose to add the booking into your calendar.

To make sure that the ordered sessions are booked, the system informs a day in advance if there are available sessions. You can also choose to see different locations, and when you want to receive information about them. You can naturally choose not the receive the information.

The administrator of the massage, and the person dealing with the finances, can easily access the booking calendar, and follow the booking status in real time. Reports and booking lists for a certain period can also be downloaded there.

Uggla Booking is compatible with GDPR.

Existing Customer

Book more than massage

The 2.0 version of Uggla Booking enhances the customer value to a great deal.

There are great advantages to use the Uggla Booking system for several booking needs in the company. Since many of the employees are already in the system, why not add other bookings, such as persons, conference rooms, office/desk, cars, gym, equipment, training sessions, events, conferences etc.

A module based architecture offers a flexibility to adjust the system to contain more than booking treatments. One of Uggla Massage’s major customers, uses the system to book their mountain cottages.

As administrator of Uggla Booking, you have total control of current bookings and can easily download detailed reports and lists. Receive booking confirmations and reminders via text or e-mail.

Welcome to flexible booking!